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Taiwan dive center has many trips to various places both on the mainland and the islands of Taiwan.

Kenting National Park
This national park, situated on the southern most tip of taiwan offers great diving for both the beginner and the experienced diver. The Kenting area is home to 60% of coral species found worldwide. Within the marine park boundaries are found some 1,105 reef fish and some 42 species of stony corals (reef building corals) and 42 species of soft corals...(read more)

Green Island
Green Island was once a notorious prison island for political prisoners of the KMT, consequently much of the island’s offshore reefs were in a restricted security zone. This allowed the marine life to proliferate and effectively formed a marine sanctuary along the north side of the island...(read more)

Orchid Island
Orchid Island is home to the Yami tribes’ people, one on of Taiwan’s 12 indigenous tribes, they have a unique oceanic culture based on fishing and agriculture. For the diver Orchid has the best overall diving in the whole of Taiwan and rivals all but the very best destinations in Asia...(read more)

We dive at other spots around Taiwan, for more information please e-mail or call 0916 130 288 or 07 336 4571 for details.
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